Econyl – A fabric created from recycled ghost fishing nets.
There are more than 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets currently in our oceans. These massive knots of woven fiber can remain adrift for substantial periods of time and are often responsible for the accidental capture of many types of marine life including whales, fish, birds and turtles. We want to reduce and remove this waste from our oceans. Fortunately, the fishing nets can be collected and using a cutting edge regeneration process the fishing nets are broken down, combined with other types of pre- and post-consumer waste and transformed into a nylon yarn. The process is regenerating materials rather than recycling, as it's a closed-loop system, and there's an infinite number of times the nylon can be broken down and re-born into new yarn without any loss of quality. By using materials like this we lessen our negative impact whilst also cleaning up our oceans.